The official I.E.L : Indo European Languages Trailer
About I.E.L : Indo European Languages
I.E.L: Indo European languages is a 2d educational, puzzle, simulation game from Phantom Games
Studio. The game is about teaching Indo European languages like French, Italian, Portuguese,
German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Spanish. In each language have different
categories you can learn like basic phrases, alphabet, question words, color & shapes, weather and
the basics. Also, you can learn adverbs, nouns, adjectives, future tenses, prepositions and many more
categories in the language part, including pronunciation tests using your microphone. Also in the
game, it have non-Indo European languages like Finnish, Turkish, Indonesian, Russian, Croatian and
Ukrainian. In I.E.L it has different puzzles like pelmanism (memory game) and a quiz game. In I.E.L
have different modes like a museum, dance club, marquee, cook book and more game modes

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