Language Tutorials: Basic Phrases, Vocabulary and Grammar in 20 Languages.
IEL : Indo European Languages is an 2d educational game that teaches you French, Italian, Spanish, German,
Portuguese, Danish, Dutch and many more. The game has different categories in the game that help your
communication skills. The categories can contain like alphabet, numbers, days of the week, basic phrases,
month of the year, useful words, weather, seasons, time and many more. Also, you learn about adjectives,
verbs, nouns, prefixes and many more. The game has other modes that you can enjoy.
  • I.E.L Cookbook - is a digital cookbook that teaches you to cook in the countries cuisine. You learn to
    cook French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish cuisine. The player is guides through the
    preparation and cooking process via audio narration and instructional video clips. The player can also
    choose recipes based on how many calories they have, or what ingredients the user currently has at
    hand, among other options.

  • IEL : Museum : The Museum is a game mode that let the player controls a character for different
    country to see different landmarks and cities in the countries. You can see the Eiffel Tower, Arc De
    Triomphe, Colosseum, Rome, Venice and many more.


  • Pelmanism - is a memory game. You match the landmarks in each country. The object of the game is
    to turn over pairs of matching cards.

  • Language breaking game - You control the countries flag and you break the land marks. Its like